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Members by Class and Section

Academy members are drawn from the full range of academic disciplines and professional fields. The membership is organized into class and section categories:

Class I: Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Class II: Biological Sciences

Class III: Social and Behavioral Sciences

Class IV: Humanities and Arts

Class V: Public Affairs, Business, and Administration

  • Section 1: Journalism, Media and Communications
  • Section 2: Business, Corporate and Philanthropic Leadership
  • Section 3: Educational and Academic Leadership
  • Section 4: Public Affairs and Public Policy
  • Section 5: Scientific, Cultural and Nonprofit Leadership (NEW 2020)

Nomination to the Academy is a privilege restricted to the Fellowship.

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For more information contact the Membership Office:

Kristin L. Gustafson
Director of Membership Information and Elections

Sara Valverde
Membership Information and Election Associate

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